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Retirement and winter stays abroad

Investments: 8-10% p.a.

Care investments with guaranteed buy-back


Prices set in GBP. USD and EUR values are subject to exchange rate fluctuation.

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Fully CQC* COMPLIANT. Include full legal ownership, via a 125 year lease and title registered with HM registry.

Rethinking Retirement

We are one of the few companies, to strategically position itself to offer both properties for sale and long-term rentals.

Wide Range of Services

Cultural, wellness and sporting activities, medical services and support, relocation and immigration expertise, pension and tax advice.

About Us

Premier provider of retirement solutions.
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Senior Living Villages is a premier provider of retirement solutions. Whether you are retired, about to retire, a senior, part of the silver generation, 50+ or a Baby Boomer, our business was created with you in mind.

The growth of the world’s (and the UK’s) senior population, and the search by retirees for a better, healthier, more cost-effective and happier retirement, has meant that those nearing or at retirement age are thinking about key questions:

Therefore, if you have asked yourself any of these questions, we are confident we will be able to add value as you consider your retirement options. *
* Please note that we are not lawyers, or financial advisers. Anyone planning for their retirement should, where necessary, consult with a duly qualified professional to ensure that they get as broad a set of information as possible. We are happy to liaise with your selected advisers where necessary.

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– Should I retire somewhere where the quality of life is higher and the cost of living lower?

– Are there ways of making my pension stretch further?

–  How do I ensure that I have access to good healthcare including suitable accommodation if I lose my independence?

– Should I own or rent in retirement? Should I downsize or release equity?

– My bank is paying me no interest on my deposits, and the annuity-style products I have been proposed offer a poor outlook. What safe alternatives do I have to invest my pension pot?

Our Services

If you fall into one of the following categories we welcome your contact:

UK Independent Living

Renting in a purpose-built retirement community in the UK. If you are an independent senior, we partner with one of the country’s largest networks of retirement apartments, with extensive national coverage. So, contact us to request more information and we will ask our partners to respond.

UK Retirement Investments

Investing in the care sector continues to be a way to combine solid investment returns with a direct contribution to improving the social care sector in the UK. Solid opportunities to purchase undervalued assets, or to reactivate hibernated care homes, continue to exist. Contact us to be put in touch with our partners specialising in these areas.

Long-term Rentals Abroad

Retiring to or spending winters in Southern Europe. Therefore, if you want to rent long-term or buy an overseas property suitable for a retiree, then look at our first destination – Portugal – voted Best Place in the World to Retire.

Overseas Investments

Investment in early-stage independent living projects in Southern Europe. Eihter you are an equity investor, want to earn a return from an early-stage overseas investment or lock down a suitable property for your retirement years.

The UK Care industry

§  £14.5 ($18.1) billion industry.

§  Majority government funded.

§  Most seniors in residential care homes are permanent residents, with a life expectancy of at least a further 10-15 years. Waiting lists are common.

§  850,000 people with dementia in the UK, rising to 1.15 million in 2025 and 2 million by 2051.

§  Care home occupancy increased from 87.6% (2014) to 88.3% (2015).

§  Care fees average at around £700 ($874) per week.

Why the sector will continue to grow

§  1 in 4 people will be aged 65+ by 2050 (56.3% increase from 2012).

§  8 million people 80+ by 2050.

§  Immense pressure from public & parliament for government spending to increase.

§  Post-Brexit demand for EU money “saved” by Brexit (publicized as £350 million per day) to be injected into the NHS.

§  It is now argued that this saving should be channeled into social care, to relieve the strain on the NHS.

§  The government has already committed to channeling £3.8 ($4.75) billion to joint NHS/local council (social care) initiatives.

§  A national working wage and need for major upgrade program will close smaller facilities and increase pressure on supply.

§  More pressure: 2016 net loss of 166 care homes and 2,612 places.

Rethinking Retirement | Retirement Solutions

International retirement migration, or moving from one place to another during or for retirement, is a growing trend. It requires a spirit of adventure, a strong character and, for most, plenty of reflection.


For those seeking flexibility in retirement, with the added benefit of mobility and control over your destiny and contract, we have access to a vast network of independent retirement living options in the UK.

Retirement Abroad

Want to reduce your cost of living, even live tax-free? Miss the sunshine? Want to guarantee access to Europe post-Brexit? Maybe you want to try and talk to us about how we can help.


Tired of annuities which do not work? Tired of seeing banks charge you to hold your money? Getting nervous about the erosion of your capital, assets and pension? We have access to fixed-return investments, with low capital requirements, in a sector you will understand: your own!

Investor Opportunities | Retirement Solutions

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 The retirement village concept is still in its infancy in Southern Europe. Retirement villages in the US, Australia and South Africa have existed for some time. While the number of retirement villages in the UK and other European countries is increasing, quality retirement locations, designed specifically for seniors and operating a range of independent and care options, are practically non-existent.

 Furthermore, the very limited options available are often in remote locations that are remote and/or inaccessible. As a result, mobility and accessibility are often a challenge. Most independent (non-care) long term senior locations operate an exclusively sales-based model, and rental models or those offering both rental or purchase options, continue to be few and far between.

Established retirement communities take time to build. With the help of an increasing number of guests and residents, our aim is to gradually create the seeds of communities in a number of locations across the region by encouraging new residents to gravitate towards locations where like-minded people of a similar age already live.

Therefore, we believe strongly that this model of retirement solutions, will achieve the best balance between continued independence and a sense of community. We have selected sites and accommodation for retirement solutions which most closely resemble vibrant, active senior communities, where the local community and other resident expatriates have established a social and interactive way of life.

Our business is also working with several potential sites of retirement solutions, either in an advisory, design or future management capacity, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of senior living options in the region, over the medium to long term. This coverage extends to our subsidiary business in Spain.

Any investors or partners involved in this area should feel free to contact us to discuss potential synergies. And we also encourage contact from appropriate projects or potential projects in this sector of retirement solutions.

In conclusion, we currently have a half dozen senior or retirement living project investment opportunities in Portugal, ranging from €100k to €5 million, and several larger opportunities in our Spanish business of retirement solutions. Consequently, if you are an investor looking for annualised ROI of 15-20% and ROC of 40-100%, please Contact us.

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